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Listening is an effective way to improve a language. You can use your MP3s, or your Ipods to learn English. You should listen at least an hour a day to the same text for one week or two; while you're going to school or coming back from it; while you're doing a task, or just sitting at home; before you sleep, or take a nap; when you get up in the moring. Keep your earphones plugged in to your ears, and you'll see the results in just two,or three months.

This is the first listening activity taken from Gateway. I'll record other listening actitvities from the other baccalaureate textbooks: Ticket2 and Insights.

I have chosen the reading texts because they are rich in vocabulary and expressions.Therefore, by mastering these reading texts, you will broaden your lexical reservoir and master the grammar as well without making any effort, just by listening. For those students who can't afford having an MP3, or an Ipod, I advise you to read each text at least ten times a day for a week or two.

Irregular verbs (translation)

The development of human learning(Unit 1)

The development of human learning (text)

THe development of human learning (Translation)

Culture and Globalisation (Unit 2)

Culture and Globalisation (translation)

Youth and Politics (Unit 3)

Women and Power (Unit 4)


Home|Tenses|Writing|Grammar|Vocabulary|Functions|Tests|Listening|Linking words