Bassou presents himself, his family, and his hometown.

Hello. I am Bassou. I am sixteen years old and I am a student. I’ve got a big family: three brothers and four sisters. My elder brother is called Brahim but we call him Baha. He is twenty-eight and he is married. He’s got two children. My younger sister is named Rkia but we call her Kashou. She is eight and she is a primary school student. My father’s name is Mr. Bassou. He is a farmer and breeds also cattle. My mother’s name is Mrs. Aicha. She is a housewife and helps my father to breed his cattle.
Every morning, she gets up early and goes to the fields to cut alfalfa for the animals.
Then, when she does the housework, she churns milk to make milk-shake.
We live in a ksar in Imilchil. Imilchil is a small town in central Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains with a population of about 1858. It is located at an elevation of 2119 m in the valley of Assif Melloul ("white river"). The area of Imilchil is home to the tribe of "Ait Hdiddou" from the confederation of "Ait Yafelman", and all the inhabitants speak tamazight. Some locations to visit are the caves of Akhiam, the Agouni waterfalls, the Ziz Gorges and Valley and the ksars of the area.
Every year our town holds the « Marriage Festival » at the end of September.

marriage festival of imilchil

Can you do the same and present yourself, your family, and your hometown?

Called: يسمى
Married : متزوج
Younger : الأصغر
Breed : يربّي
Farmer : فلاح
Cattle : الماشية
Help : يساعد
Fields : الحقول
Housewife : ربّة المنزل
Every morning : كل صباج
Get up : ينهض من فراشه
Cut : يقطع، يقص
Alfalfa : فِصّة
Churn: يَمْخُضُ اللبنَ
Milkshake : لبن
Located :يقع
Elevation : ارتفاع
Valley : وادٍ
Area: منطقة
Home : بيت . منزل . موطن . وطن
Tribe : قبيلة
Confederation : مُحَالَفَة
Inhabitants: سكان
Locations: سكان
Cave : كَهْف ; مَغَارَة
Waterfall : شلاَّل
Hold : تستظيف