Presented by Bachir Naciri Sijilmassa High School Errachidia



Listening ||Linking words|Common Core


What is the English baccalaureate exam?
It’s a five or paragraph text which students should be able to read and understand. Then, answer the language questions and finally write an essay.
How is the exam scored?

  1. Comprehension: 15/40
  2. Language: 15/40
  3. Writing: 10/40

The reading and writing topics are related to:

  1. - Education
    - Culture
    -Youth Issues
    - Women
    - Science and Technology
    - Citizenship
    - Brain Drain
    - Sustainable Development
    - International Organizations

What are the problems which students encounter in the exam?

  1. The first major problem which students encounter is how to deal with comprehension especially when they find a lot of new words in the text. They assume that it’s impossible to understand the passage. I'll show you how to deal with understanding an exam text whatever its difficulty. I'll demonstrate to you how to go from the question to the passage.

A tree never hides a forest as we say. A tree is a word and the text is a forest, so a word can’t be an obstacle to comprehend a text.

  1. The second difficulty which students face is how to write an essay. Here again it’s a matter of methodology and practice. If we focus on the message and try to keep it simple, then it’s not tough to write an essay.

    The basic difficulty which students meet is how to write a sentence. If we know how to build a sentence, then it becomes easy to make a paragraph and an essay.