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Tomorrow, I’ll do my homework at 8:00. Then, I’ll go to bed at 10:00.

Before I go to bed tomorrow, I will have done my homework.

By the time I go to bed tomorrow, I will have done my homework.

Tomorrow, first I’ll do my homework; second I’ll go to bed.

We use the first action in the future perfect and the second one in the simple present.

More examples:

Tonight, first I’ll have a snack. Second, I’ll watch a movie.

I‘ll have had a snack before I watch a movie.

At this time next Monday, we’ll have moved to our new house.

This time next May, we’ll have covered the programme.

By 2010, Morocco will have reached 10 million tourists

By five o’clock tomorrow, the political prisoner will have gone on strike for ten days.

Before June, the football team will have prepared for the competition.

I’ll have completed my medicine studies in seven years time.

The time indicators used with the future perfect:

This time tomorrow  /  next week/month/year/Monday

By 2015/seven o’clock next week/next month/Tuesday

Before Friday/July/2014


Exercise: Use the future perfect or simple present:

                                                  From school.